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Maurice Aguirre, DALLAS - Political insider raises millions for conservative causes

Political insider raises millions for conservative causes

Maurice Aguirre, DALLAS is a conservative political activist and fundraiser who has raised milions for conservative candidates and causes.

He started out with the best of intentions, as a calling, with strongly belives: in putting the power of budgets and taxes back into the hands of the citizens; since there is little more important than our children's development and education, strive to put local communities, and especially parents back in the drivers seat of education policy;

The money that the political activist Maurice Aguirre raises goes to help conservative candidates and conservative causes...

Who are the conservative donors? Committed Conservative supporters with a desire to help; Local constituency supporters who also want to ensure that the Party has adequate resources to develop policy and shape the political agenda; Business professionals wish to help us get US back on track.; People who want to support the conservative candidates and causes - which is committed to our core values of trusting people and sharing responsibility.

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